Hosszú és Gyurta a legjobb NBA-meccsen


Elképesztő, több mint 250 pontot hozó meccsen verte meg a Golden State az Indianát az NBA-ben, 131-123-ra. A bajnok idén csak nyert, zsinórban a 23. meccsét húzta be, a pálya szélén pedig Hosszú Katinka és Gyurta Dániel is ott ült.

„Tegnap megünnepeltük a múlt heti eredményeket, ahogy mi szeretjük – lelkendezett Hosszú Katinka a Facebookon, utalva a napokban véget ért rövid pályás úszó-Eb-re, ahol hat arany- és egy ezüstérmet nyert. – Mekkora élmény volt! Habár nem a kedvenc csapatom játszott, így is fantasztikusan éreztük magunkat!”

Tegnap megünnepeltük a múlt heti eredményeket, ahogy mi szeretjük! A pálya szélén ültünk a Pacers-Warriors NBA meccsen!...

Szerző: Katinka Hosszu2015. december 9.

Hosszú kedvenc NBA-játékosa a jelenlegi legnagyobb sztár, LeBron James, akinek szintén kiment már egy meccsére.

Happenings from yesterday's game: first of all, I was a bit worried about taking my big sign in the game, I wasn't sure if it was allowed, especially that we got really good tickets, close to the court. Fortunately I was able to take my sign in, and then after looking for other signs, I saw two more, one of them said "Lebron, today is my 9th birthday" and the other one just simply said "Go Lebron" by an about five year old little boy. When we got to our seats I started showing my sign while standing and hoping that @kingjames will see it while he is still warming up. Although behind us some Orlando Magic fans didn't really appreciate me standing and blocking the view, so they started yelling at me to take my seat right away. At that point I felt like everyone is watching, reading my sign and criticizing. So maybe it wasn't such I good idea to bring the banner, I thought. But I convinced myself that it is all worth it if Lebron will read my sign and I get to thank him for inspiring me! So I kept jumping up and showing up my sign every time it seemed that Lebron is looking at our direction. And then, at the end of the first quarter, after a time-out, he was looking directly at me and Lebron started to squint to read my sign from far away, then he put his hands together and bowed for me, pointed his index finger at me then started to run because the game continued. I think this was an amazing thing he did, he took his time to read my sign and honestly reacted to it during a game while I am a stranger to him, I am just one of more than 10 million of his fans. And this is why he is my hero!

Iron Lady (@hosszukatinka) által közzétett fénykép,

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