Elképesztő drónvideó Skóciáról: egy csepp eső nélkül

Fotó: MTI/MTVA / Robert Perry


A skótok még az esőt is kispórolták a legújabb imidzsvideóból, melyet az ország főbb pontjairól készítettek.

A felvételt ugyanakkor így is érdemes végignézni, hiszen a készítő L.A. Media igen jó munkát végzett.

Epic Drone Footage of Scotland's Landscape

Come fly with us and enjoy some epic drone footage of Scotland's most beautiful spots. In this film we look back at the highlights of the footage we filmed in 2015. From the majestic mountains in the Highlands to the industrial ports in the Central Belt – we think that this video captures the essence and beauty of Scotland! This footage was captured using our DJi Inspire rig as well as our “heavy lift” Vulcan Raven with our Gremsy gimbal. The cameras flown include the Arri Alexa Mini, Panasonic Lumix GH4, the Red Dragon and Canon 5D. The music was created by our own in-house composer. We are so proud of this video of Scotland that we have recently entered it into the 2nd New York City Drone Film Festival competition. Happy Hogmanay from all of us at L.A. Media!!#drone #aerial #photography #film #Scotland #UK #production

Posted by L.A. Media on Tuesday, 29 December 2015